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About Damian Lanfranchi

1977: Born in Brooklyn, NY.

They say you can take the kid out of Brooklyn, but you can’t take the Brooklyn out of the kid. My wife says I still have the accent.

1978-1983: Growing Up With Jedi Mind Tricks

I’m extremely busy watching smurfs, pulling out my already over-sized ears for family members to make “yoda ears” and I complete my first short sale for $30,000. Just kidding. I’m 6, give me a break!

1987: My First Entrepreneurial Lesson

Age 10. My first real entrepreneurial effort. My brother and I won this laminated poster clock down at the Jersey Shore. We decide we can figure out how to make them ourselves and sell them for cold hard cash. All said and done, we sell I think we only sell 1 and we give the rest away as gifts. I hate products!

1995: Graduating High School & The Stanley Cup

Graduated high school with honors. I refused to study for my SAT’s and still scored in the mid-1,400’s. I only apply to one college, Rutgers, and get accepted with some bonus grant money. This was my master plan as I wanted to stay close to home to eat my mom’s cooking.

I argue with my Mom because I want to skip getting my graduation ceremony to watch the Devils in the Stanley Cup. I have the honor of going to Game 4 to see the Devils sweep the Red Wings (the
sports highlight of my life!)

1996 : On The Road To Becoming Mr. Olympia…

The start of college begins the pinnacle of my passion for body building. Highlights include not drinking water for two days to get ready for a show, painting my body with tanning spray and carrying sweet potatoes around in my pockets. A true exercise in self discipline.

Despite my unparalleled commitment, soon realize God has not given me the right set of genetics to be the next Mr. Olympia. I start bodybuilding at age 14 and a weight of 155 lbs. After a decade of eating 6 meals a day and training with a National Level Bodybuilder, I still tilt the scales at a whopping 155 lbs.!

1997: The #1 Most Dedicated & Uninterested Accounting Major

Meanwhile, in school, I decide I should try to beat EVERY student in EVERY class I take. I achieve a perfect 4.0 GPA.

That summer I battle my way into a internship in the Corporate Accounting Department at the Hess Corporation. In a little over a month, I finish the Intern project which takes Ivy League upper classmen the entire summer. I spend the rest of my time there reading my accounting books cover to cover before class even starts. When Hess asks me if I’ll come back next year, I decide my time will be better spent shooting a movie in my backyard instead (seriously). What can I say, I don’t think suits, schedules and bosses are fun.

1998: “In The Beginning”

After growing with the routine of church, the death of my best friend’s dog prompts him to start asking me serious questions about my faith. I am totally clueless, even though I say I believe in God. So I ask for a King James Bible for Christmas and commit to reading it cover to cover. It changes EVERYTHING.

1999: Graduating #1

I graduate with the highest GPA in my class from the Rutgers School of Business as an Accounting Major. I never take a single interview with any of the big firms who try to court me, much to the dismay of my Mom and the head of the accounting department.

Upon graduating I’m more excited to see the much anticipate release of Star Wars Episode (soon to be one of the biggest disappointments of my life).

2000: The Best Sales Training Ever

In my burning ambition to never get a real job, I take a position in a high school friend’s home security company, selling door-to-door and managing and inside and outside sales team. This is completely brutal, unglorious and often demoralizing position. At the same time, it’s the best hands on sales training of my life.

2002: No Clue, No Actual RE Experience & $200,000 In Profit

My great grandfather Papa passes away leaving my father and his two brothers a large brick front home in Borough Park, Brooklyn. The realtors say “if we want to be pigs” we can get $650,000 at most. I disagree and to take the responsibility of selling the property myself.

With no real estate experience, I use my street savvy sales and marketing to get my family a selling price of $850,000, plus save no realtors fee! A net profit of over $200,000 better than the “experts” said we would ever get. My passion for real estate investing has taken root.

2004: Turning A Stressful Full-Time Job Into A Part-Time Breeze With An Award

Decide it’s time to get a real job, at least for a little while, to save up some cash. I take a Director position with the subsidiary of a Fortune 500 Company. They tell me to expect to work 60-80 hours a week. I refuse to believe that.

So I immediately find a way to get my job done in under 20 hours a week, they give me 3 regional awards including Business Developer of the Year for the results I achieve thinking it’s because “I’m such a
hard worker”.

2005: Enter Charlene

After many years of fruitless dating, I marry Charlene who I met in church. It’s the best and most exciting thing that’s ever happen to me and all my friends and family keep asking me how I managed
to get such an incredibly beautiful girl.

2006: On The Road To The Revolution

While still working the day job, I team up with a long time friend and fellow entrepreneur to start a marketing program for doctors where we charge $1,000 to $2,000 for membership a MONTH!

After several months, realize my passion and vision is different than my partners. We part on good terms and I decide to take what is become a revolutionary automated multi-media marketing technology to a group of individuals I am personally passionate about helping. You guessed, real estate investors.

2007: Sacrificing It All To Make IT Happen

I sell everything I have to round up the necessary capital to launch, including auctioning my prized collection of Star Wars and Transformers action figures on Ebay. I leverage 3 years of intense technology research, the expertise of 12 professional designers and developers from across the globe and every last cent of working capital I have. 8 months later, the R.E.I. Done-For-You Deals System is born.

The first morning of the launch we already have investors racing to get on board!

The entire venture is 100% self-financed and becomes debt free in 30 days and cash flow positive in 90 days.

2008 (winter): Packing Our Bags & World Travel

Before starting our family, Charlene and I feel a call to move to Florida. I throw up a little website, say a pray and in 11 days we sell our house for exactly what we need with no realtor! Amazing.

We seize the unique opportunity to travel since my business is now mobile and spend 3 months living over seas in the Tuscany Region of Italy and then Costa Rica. A truly life changing experience if I ever had one!

2008 (summer): And That Brings Us Here…

We arrive in our new hometown of Saint Augustine, Florida and love it! Decide to take my commitment of teaching real estate investors, new and old, my unique sales, marketing and internet strategies to a whole new level with the launch of!

2009 (spring):
After meeting Mark Evans DM and his fiancee during our travels around Italy, Mark approaches me about creating a revolutionary place where investors can come to get deals made. This marks the birth of the Virtual Deal Factory, “Where Deals Get Made!”.


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